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Youth Football Coach of the Year Awards

Every year we like to recognize a group of coaches who have excelled on and off the field of play. This year we will be awarding our annual �Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year Award�, �Winning Youth Football Worst to First Coach of the Year Award� and hopefully hundreds of �Winning Youth Football Gold Standard Coaching Awards.�

As a youth football coach, none of us are paid or will end up in anyone�s Hall of Fame, but we can be recognized by our peers for our efforts and end results. When your teams have success and you are recognized by your peers, it often times helps to internally validate your approach and philosophy. As youth coaches we all know that our approaches, philosophy and coaching ability are more heavily scrutinized by backseat drivers and wannabe �experts� who seem long on coaching knowledge but short on interest in actually showing up to practice and investing the time in doing the job. In many places you aren�t going to get any accolades from covetous and jealous opposing coaches, but you can get it here from a group of unbiased and knowledgeable, very successful youth coaches from around the country.

Our goal is to recognize you, so that you may inspire others to excel in the same way you have, through love for your players, hard work, patience and a true love and appreciation of the game. There is nothing wrong or self centered about sharing your experience with others, by doing so, others may learn from it and help them to enrich the football experience of the boys they coach.

The Awards:

Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year Award:
It is awarded to the coach who using the �Winning Youth Football� system has best exemplified the tenants of the approach the books and DVDs teach. Your team will have had to won a Championship while retaining 90% or above of your players.

Winning Youth Football Worst to First Coach of the Year Award:
It is awarded to the coach who using the �Winning Youth Football� system, who took a downtrodden team and turned them into a winner. Your team would have had to improve from near the bottom of the standings to near the top after switching to the �Winning Youth Football� approach to coaching your team.

Winning Youth Football Gold Standard Coaching Award:
For ANY coach, using any system. We are awarding as many awards out as we have those that meet the criteria.

The Criteria For Gold Standard Award:

  • Won at least 70% of all your games.
  • Retained 90% or higher of your players from the first day of practice or conditioning to the end of the season.
  • Have a good reputation for sportsmanship and fair play.

The Award:

  • A Certificate from Winning Youth Football with your name and Organization name, mailed to you.
  • Your name and team name on the Gold Standard Coaching Award Winners page on the Winning Youth Football Web Site.
  • A logo you can display on your Web Site certifying that you and your team are �Winning Youth Football Gold Standard Coaching� winners.