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Winning Youth Football - A Step by Step Plan by Dave Cisar - Paperback Edition (Forward by Dave Rimington)
Product Code - SECC2.0
266 pages in Paperback book. This comprehensive youth Football Coaching book is filled with over 200 diagrams and pictures as well as detailed instructions on how to build a winning youth football program featuring the Single Wing Offense. It includes a top down detailed plan for excelling in all areas of the game, football practice organization, offense, defense, special teams and game day management. Dave's version of the Single Wing offense is featured including; football plays, youth football playbook, personnel descriptions, adjustments, blocking schemes and drills, detailed football play implementation and footwork, detailed football practice plans, keys, game day play calling and scouting are all there. You get his football schemes, packages, position descriptions, player evaluations, football drills, progressions, football practice methodology and program management. It's everything you need to build a winning youth football program including player, parent and coaching contracts, waivers, and more. All in easy to understand "non coach speak". This isn't theory, it's what works in 2007. Foreward by Dave Rimington.

Winning Youth Football - A Step by Step Plan by Dave Cisar - CDROM Format
PProduct Code - SEB100CD
This is the above book on a CD ROM. This format allows you to print out the youth football plays, football drills, forms and football practice plans for your clipboard. Many coaches prefer this over the paperback. It makes Football Coaching much easier including 13 weeks of detailed daily practice plans you can print out.