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2006 Youth Football Season Recap

The following thread is a recap of the 2006 season, unfortunately I didn’t start a log until week 3 or 4. Next season the entries will start at the first practice.

You may be able to get a feeling how we call our games and run our football practices by reading through the details of our football season. You may get some game day play calling tips or youth football practice organization ideas that may help your team get better. I’ve gotten better at coaching youth football by studying other teams or coaches in the same fashion.

A little about our 2006 team. We started day one with 24 youth football players in the age 8-10 division of a league that has about 60 football teams. We did not have a wating list this year as we had 26 on the list but 2 kids moved away. We recruit by handing out fliers in the local Class B school most of the kids around here go to. It is where we play our football games, the High School Jr High and Grade School are in different buildings on the same grounds. Our town has just 1000 people but there are several other small towns of less than 1,000 thet feed into this school as well as some kids with rural south Lincoln addresses but go to this school also.The football stadium seats about 1500. The High school here has not had a winning season for 10+ years. We started here 3 years ago, previosuly the youth football program I think had won 4-5 games total in the 5 years before we got here. The other program is still here and are still consitently losing, Im sure nice people, but they consistently lose. We do play extra games vs teams from other Youth Football Leagues from Lincoln and Omaha as well as play in a Youth Football tournament in Kansas City.

We had quite a few veterans on this youth football team, as we retained about 90% of the previous years team that finished 11-0. Our bigger and better linemen moved up to the older team, including our starting center, RG/LB, PT as well as our starting TB/LB and second team TB. We lost our starting WB/S and biggest playmaker, as they decided to play on another youth football team. Out of 24 kids we have 14 vets, a real high number. We have just 5 eight year olds, a very low number for us. We are going to be able to put in football plays and our defense in a bit quickler than normal this year.

We have just 2 kids over the “striper” weight of 105 for this youth football league. Thetri[ers have to play in between the tackles, one of them is not very strong, a new player and 9 years old. So we arent real big but we have some speed at WB and some size and power at TB. He’s about 95 lbs and played as a backup last year. Our BB is back for his 3rd year and is desent, our FB is ok but just 80 lbs and not very fast. We have 5-6 real small first year kids at 60 lbs range, we will do our best football coaching effort to get them to love the game and find each a position tha fits. Getting them to run all our youth football playbook of 16 or so football plays may be asking a bit much of them, but they will get perfect at our base “Sainted Six” plays.

Our 24th youth football player didn’t join us until week 3 and he is a first year player,mom and dad were on vacation. He is a 10 year old and descent size but he’s getting frustrated and quits before the first game. So hard to go back and reteach that first 2 weeks and not get behind on what’s best for the rest of the football team, heck we had nearly 10 football plays in by the time he showed up. We gave him a football playbook and homework etc. We hate to see that, we lost 1 player before the season began.

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