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Bringing the Single Wing Offense to Your Team

Many youth football coaches have run base “I”, Pro, Wishbone and Spread sets for decades. If your organization is struggling maybe it’s time for a change.

You may ask yourself; Why didn�t our offense work very well last year? (the usual answer is to blame the kids)

Some things to think about:

What things are going to change that will make our offense better next year? (the answer is usually a hope that Santa Claus will drop the next Vince Young and Warren Sapp into this coaches stocking on Christmas)

Many coaches think the only way they can do well is if by some feat of magic, that they get much better players the next year. The one certainty for the youth coach is that no one can ever bank that the talent levels will ever change for the better from year to year.

One has to have a system in place that is not dependent on getting a great X or Z type player every year, the Single Wing does that for you. Show your coaches film of the Single Wing teams in your age group running all over the place with average players, film doesn�t lie. Show them full games,even full seasons, not highlight reels against Sisters of the poor teams.

Insanity has been called doing the same thing over again time after time and expecting a different result. The same tired system that has yielded poor results will usually continue to yield poor results for most teams.

Don�t call it the Single Wing if you are worried about that, by the way most coaches don�t even know what the Single Wing is. Call it a multiple shotgun offense and tell your coaches, players and parents to watch West Virginia on TV on Saturdays.

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