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Dance With The One That Brought Ya

Many youth football coaches try to outsmart themslevs in the playoffs. They come up with elaborate new football plays or schemes much different that what they had used successfully all football season.

The playoffs is not the time to change everything, dance with the one that brought you and concentrate your practices on the wedge and power basics. Too many teams go into the playoff with a whole new approach to things to “outsmart” the other team. Often this leads to the coach outsmarting himself and losing a game his team didn’t have to lose.

Rather than throwing in something that requires very different skills than you have used all season, you could look at the “mouse” or full spin running series if you don’t have them in yet. Do this only if your offense is already clicking on all cylindars. If you are running the 43 reverse well and want to put a keeper in, sure, that makes sense. That play will not cost you a bunch of practice time or is out of series.

Don’t worry about getting great at all three full spin plays in the series, just work the 1 power and 1 wedge play in the series and call it done if you have yet to run the full spin. They are real home run plays if no one has seen them yet. However, I�m not a big proponent of saving plays for the playoffs. Let your kids get confident and comfortable with all the plays you plan on running before your big game.

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