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First FASST Football Practice

This is our very abbreviated practice plan for week 1. We hope to have pictures posted in the next month.

Spring Practice 1
6:00 Open-Intro Coaches
Coaching Youth Football Philosphhy
6:10 Cals-Warm Ups- High Knees-Butt Kicks
Team Divides
6:20 Plyo Stations
Cone Station
3 Cones�Outside IN- 10 seconds
Inside Out-10 Seconds
Side over the top 10 Seconds
3 Cone Hop
Box Station
Base Jump 10 seconds
Step Ups Right Foot 10 Seconds
Step Ups Left Foot 10 Seconds
Speed station-
Agilitly run-3 cones
Shuttle run
Rope Stations
One Box Hop
Outside In
Two Box Hop
Medicine Ball Station
Explode Throw From ground
Sit up Catch 30 seconds
Ab Twists
Form Running
High Knees
Arm Sways
6:50 Pass Catching Circuit
Over the Waist
Under the Waist
10 Yard Flys
7:15 Deer Hunter Game
7:30 Done

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  1. Robert

    Dave, I already ordered your book, its on its way. are these drills broken down in there, or in any of your other material?

  2. davecisar


    We do not include those drills in the book. We are NOT speed, agility and quickness experts, hence we do not include them in the materials.


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