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First Practice after Game 9 Loss

While we had made a number of mistakes that cost us the game, the other team had played well and deserved to win.
Many of the kids on our team had never played in a game that was a loss, so we had a very different football practice that Monday. Because of the lack of light we are down to just 75 minutes of practice on Mondayand Thursday.

On Mondy we practiced without pads and after we did our normal warm ups and angle form tackling we just decided to have fun. We split into 2 teams of 11 with coaches on each team and played Hawaiian Rules Youth Football . We squared a field of about 50 yards with cones.

Each team had 4 downs to score a TD. The team with the ball is allowed to throw forward, backward, sideways etc but can only take 2 steps. If the ball holder get tied up by the defenders (no tackling) the next down is started Any time the football hits the ground a new down is started, no kickoffs or punts. The coach starts any new down with the ball, he is part of the team and live.

The keys are to keep the ball moving with lots of short passes and laterals. As a coach, we got everyone the ball and spread it around. We had everyone laughing and we were all winded after an hour of playing. We burned off any anguish and bad memories of the previous days game, mission accomplished.

If your youth football team suffers a heartbreaking loss, it’s time to encourage and take a short breather IMHO. We didn’t play a blame game, I took credit for the loss and we again worked diligently to make our youth football team better.

We had one of our best football practices of the year on the following Thursday. Full pads business as usual, but with a fresh mindset.

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