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Game 10 Youth Football Results 2006 Season

We got a last minute exta game scheduled 90 miles away vs an Inner City Youth Football program in Omaha.
None of our parents were expecting we would play and I didn’t get confirmation we would play until late Thursday. It was important that we get back on track and get another game in before we played the League Champions of Omahas Heartland League the next week. We also wanted to get some of our backups some playng time, since they all just got the minimum the previous week. Little did we know they would play a LOT. We win 48-20 in a very unusual game.

We hit a perfect storm that weekend. Our starting corner and WB was staying with his bio dad in Kansas that weekend and dad would not bring him up to play. Our starting FB/LB and his brother a backup FB/C were in a wedding. Our starting TB/LB #18 got sick just as they drove up to the field, threw up everywhere, they went home. Starting PT/DE and his backup brother are on trip with dad some College Football last minute trip thing with dad, I got nobody.
We are playing a very big and very fast inner city team in the heart of the ghetto. Out of my 22 kids, Ive got 12 players.
I move my 3rd team WB to RE a postion he’s never played before, I start my LG at RG and my backup PT and a backup RE at RT.
We started backups at LG and my TB was a 3rd teamer that likes to fumble. My BB, Center and backup WB were real solid. My RE was our 2nd team TB but he had been working some at FB so we started him there. We did not show any panic and went on as business as usual, we went in confident, but in the back of my mind I thought we would get blown out. In pregame we worked our wedge a bunch and the spinner. We did not pull our RG, we didn’t have time to work that. We go in with about 8 football plays we know we can run fairly well.
We got the ball and moved right down the field and scored, just like usual. Instead of 16 power we were running off tackle with the FB and Spinner 26 power and Spinner 32 wedge, that was about it. Our fullback played a real nice game, came through big time. The other team was so much bigger than us, as our biggest player was our 90 pound blocking back. They scored on us on their first drive, but our defensive ends played great contain the rest of the game. My strategy was to milk the clock and wait for them to make a mistake while moving the ball slowly and patiently on offense. On offense we just played keep away with our Single wing Offense and ground it out. We took a 3 TD lead into halftime and prayed no one would get hurt. Because of our GOD blocking rules it was no problem subbing in the line with kids that had not played those positions before and we could see the kids were getting real confident adn the other team getting frustrated.
We scored on a 43 reverse and we even started running our 3rd team TB a bunch, he got a TD and only fumbled once. We let them score and ended up 48-20 in a game we could have named the score on. Obviously we didnt have to milk the clock once we got up by 3 scores.
I couldn’t have been prouder. Had we not had the Single Wing and the direct snap, no way we come on top in that youth football game. Where else does a team of 12 kids, with lots of backups switch to a 3rd team “QB” and beat a very solid 25 kid team that has size and speed?
The team we beat had won the previous week 52-6. Our kids were sky high after that one, watch out next weeks opponent.

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