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Game 11 Youth Football Practice

We had an excellent week of practice, maybe the best of the year even though we are down to about 1 hour due to daylight issues. At this time of the year we always try to keep the kids attention by putting in a trick football play or two. We may never run them, but we practice them, they are part of our footbal playbook. It seems to keep the kids interest late inthe season. The play we added was the “flapjack pass” from Jeff Bayerals Menominee Maroons High School football team in Michigan. It looks like a FB wedge play with our FB taking the snap and running right past our BB, the FB hands the ball to the BB as our line forms a wedge. The BB has his back to the line of scrimmage as he gets the handoff. The LE just runs a short 6 yard slant pattern looking to the inside. The BB without looking, with both hands on the ball just flips it over the back of his head end over end in a high arc. The TB and WB just get ino the pile like on the regular wedge play. The kids love this football play and the defense is collapsing on the wedge, so in practice it is working about 75% of the time.


We have not done any live scrimmaging in the last 30 days. We still continue to do lots of fit and freeze and form work as outlined in the book and DVDs. We have increased the number of players now doing some of our open field tackling drills, as they are now proficient enough to handle those types of football drills. With the exception of some of our bearcrawlers and one of our leass mobile defensive tackles they can all tackle well in the open field. Our defensive pass recongnition is getting much better.

We continue to make pass recognition psrt of many of our defensive drills. When we are doing swim moves to a form tackle on a coach we have the coach stand with his arms down, or he raises up like he’s throwing, when he raises up the defender is yelling pass. Our Linebackers are also learning the same thing as they work on defensive skeleton, The defensive skeleton has just the DEs, LBs, C and Safety with a coach simulation a QBs movement. Defensive skelton by our linemen includes doing the same with our bearcrawlers and DTs but we have the large stand up dummies to simulate the offensive linemen so we have the right alignment and we have 2 dummied in front of each bearcrawler so they have to squeeze through per our “squeeze drill” in the book. We have a coach at QB and he again is simulating run or pass or even play action ( fake run then pass).

At this point in the season we are also looking at building for next year. Our 3rd team TB who had also been a backup corner, we are trying him some at DE. A bearcrawler that is starting to “get it” got some reps at corner. One of our LEs on offense is getting a bunch of reps at RE. We have the existing starter watch the newbie on all the plays we run on air or fit and freeze and help the newbie out. Having to teach reinforces the coaching points in the vet player. Looking forward to this game, our football practices have been going well, we should play well.

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