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Game 11 Youth Football Results

Very warm day for this late in the year and our opponnent is driving over an hour to play us at home. We have everyone healthy and all but one of our players shows, everyone but our center. We thought we would be missing a brother tandem but they skipped a wedding to play in the game. Our center had an out of town wedding to go to as this was an extra game not on the schedule. The other team has at least 5-6 kids above the striper weight of 105 with at least 2 kids over 150 lbs. They are the League Champions of Omahas Heartland league with a record of 9-1, they are a very good football team with lots of 3rd year players. They had just one close game all year and they lost it in a nailbiter. They are a good football team and confident. We win 44-20.


They practice next to the Omaha Housing Projects and are coached by a good friend of mine. They have it all speed, size and they pass well too, we will need our entire playbook on this one. They come out in a 5-3 on defense, we roll right down the field in a 5 play drive. Our wedge looked real good, we ran it 3 of the first 4 plays. I want the kids to know they can move this big team, even on the inside. On the 5th play they brought their LBs inside and it was an easy 6 with the 16 Power, a great kickout block by our BB and just a bit of a shield block by our FB on the corner and the safety was too far to the inside to do any good on the play.
They get 2 first downs then bog down on 4th and 2.
Now we are running our spinner series as they are keying our TB. Our FB and BB are pounding it and our kids are getting more confident. The other team is getting frustrated and are squeezing it all down, the DEs and corners are gettig sick of not getting involved. We run our first sweep of the game on 3rd and 1 and score.
They go 3 and out and are still playing hard. We go for the kill shot, a sweep pass on first down, we just miss. We go to our spread mesh set and the defense doesn’t align well. We score again in 3 plays with the sweep, trap and wedge. Even got em to jump our “no play”, everything seems to be clicking.
We start to get some of our subs in the football game but still are running our base football plays. We hesitate running the reverse just yet as they have tons of speed and have not over adjusted to our unbalanced line. On our friendly sidelines when we have the football on our hashmarks we are now widening them with our “nasty split” per the book in Chapter 13. The defensive end keeps coming out with our RE so the off-tackle hole is huge, even our backups can run it. We go to the tailback 1/2 spin “mouse” series to lull them to sleep with the WB coming accross in motion.
We are getting 4-5 yds per carry on it, and they are not following the WB now, so we call 43 reverse and score from about 35 yds. Up by 4 TDs before half is beyond what we had hoped for. We are in control and feel we can score every time we have the football.

With the game in hand and knowing they had to drive over an hour to play we let them score on the opening kickoff return of the second half. We get the ball back on offense and give our first team one more drive. We throw and just miss again on an 18 sweep pass. We run the trap and the 1/2 spin real well, move right down and score again. We break out the “flapjack pass” and use it to score the extra point, the kids love that football play.

We end up scoring again with our backups as the other coach is subbing in all his kids. We let them run another kickoff back and end up using 11 different ballcarriers in a youth football game we thought would come down to the wire. The other team,its coaches, players and fans couldn’t have been better sports, youth football at its finest. Final score is 44-20 and it could have been much worse.

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