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Game 3 Youth Football Results Fall 2006

We won our third game 36-7 . We scored on our first 4 possessions and were up 36-0 before giving up a mercy TD with 1:06 left via our “special play” .

We were without our starting RG he was sick and had just 1 “striped” player. We played against a pretty fair team that started 5 striped players ( over 105 lbs) and had 4 defenders in our A and B gaps ( between RG and RT, C and RG, C and LG, RG and RT.

We didnt bother to wedge much and had our way with the 16 power and scored on 3 WB reverses as they loaded up the strong side. The kids looked pretty good the fotbal plays looked crisp. Got several backups the first TDs of their lives, that’s always fun.

It was wet so we only threw 3 times and ran maybe 5-6 wedge plays, 1 for a 35 yard score.

Missed Monday football practice, was out of town.

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