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Going No-Huddle With Leagues that Allow Coaches on the Field

A youth football coach e-mailed me yesterday with a question about using my version of the no-huddle system in a league that allows the coaches to be in the huddle. There are a number of leagues that utilize this special rule, especially at the younger ages. His question was, if coaches are allowed to be in the huddle, should he still use the no-huddle system?

My answer is a resounding yes:


The reasons you want to run the no-huddle do not change if the league allows coaches on the field.

The number one goal for running no-huddle it to get more snaps in. If your team aligns at the line of scrimmage immediately after each play you will get more snaps in a game, typically about 15 more than if you did huddle up. Remember, getting more plays in helps you meet minimum play standards more easily if you have them. More plays means that if you have an equal or better team than your opponent, more possessions in a game lessen the importance of “freak” plays that don’t go your teams way. Most importantly more plays means the kids get more real game time, something that we should all want.

The second reason you go no-huddle is to have the ability to “audible” every play from the line of scrimmage. Once you see how the defense lines up, it gives you the information you need to better call the play that has the best chance of succeeding. You are looking to see if the defense aligns properly on your unbalanced or if there are any obvious mismatches. That doesn’t change if you go to allowing coaches in the huddle.

The third reason doesn’t change due to this unique rule either, you take the defense out of its rhythm. They do not have time to make many adjustments or substitutions. If the other team is used to getting hands on help each play in the break that ensues between plays, that will not be the case if you are in a no-huddle offense.

The better coached and prepared team benefits from the no-huddle.

If your team needs a breather or you need to discuss something with the kids, bring them into the huddle. If they don’t, put the pedal to the metal, call your football plays from the line of scrimmage, have fun and score points.
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