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How many Coaches Should a Youth Football Team Have?

There is an optimum number of youth football coaches for each team, but as odd as it may sound, it is not a fixed number.

Each team is made up of a unique mix of players, possible coaches and even number of players.

We have learned from experience to only have youth football coaches that meet our coaching criteria. When we had teams with just 2 football coaches and added a guy that was borderline, it ended up being a mistake. Nearly every time we budged on the standard it came back to bite us. Today we only have as many youth football teams as we have qualified coaching groups.

The first year with the Eagles I coached 36 kids nearly all by myself, that was a nightmare.
We found teams of 25 could be coached well by 5 coaches, but if you don’t have 5 guys that fit the profile, get by with 3 or 4.

A reasonable rule of thumb would be 1 coach per 5 kids. If you have more coaches than that, make one a stats person or “get-back” coach. Many of our Eagle teams have just 2-3 coaches, and get by with some part time dad “helpers” in practice. In the rural area we always seem to get 5 football coaches per team. If you get more than that ratio there is a tendancy for coaches to step over each other and you have kids getting different advice from different coaches, it’s chaos on the sidelines.

No matter the number of coaches it is imperative to make sure everyone knows their role in Coaching. Youth football is at a level where the head coach can compartamentalize within parameters each coaching duty, so each assitant coach can make decisions within those parameters. There are optimum ways to break down the duties to make the game experience flow smoothly. All this is laid out in the book along with tools and templates to make it work in chapter 13.

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