Empowering Coaches Step-By-Step

Interviewing Youth Football Coaches

“Hiring” the right youth football coach is key to maintaining the viability of any youth football program.

It’s more than finiding a guy that has a nice youth football playbook and a bunch of neat football plays.
Some of the techniques I learned from hiring over 300 people in the 90s in my business career are applicable to use during the hiring process for coaches.

Make sure and have a list of questions to ask every applicant.
We like to let them open up and just tell us why they want to coach, what is the motivation that led them to us?
Since we have our own youth football coaching standard, we like to paint various scenarios and ask the prospective football coach how he would handle each situation.
We aks him about his unique qualifications and references.
We share with the coach our youth coaches contract and get feedback on his comfort level of living up to the standard.
We do a criminal background check on each.
This is the single biggest decison you will make. It’s not if you run the Single Wing Offense or the Double Wing or if you use our football practice methodology or your own. Make sure you are thorough and do it right.
If you don’t have a good feeling about a coach, your intuition is usually right.

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