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Is the Single Wing Offense Still "Contrarian" ?

Many youth football coaches like the idea of running something different �Contrarian� from what others are running in their league. They feel there are certain advantages that one has by running an offense that others have not seen or practiced against.

The concern of some is that with the “rebirth” of the Single Wing Offense over the last decade, is the system still “Contrarian”?

The answer is the Single Wing is still and probably always will be an offense that is not used by large majorities of youth football teams. At the Glazier and Nike Clinics I speak at, the first thing I usually do is ask for a show of hands of coaches that have a Single Wing team in their league at any level. Never have more than 10% of the coaches raised their hands and none said they had more than 1 Single Wing team in their leagues of 20-200+ teams. I then ask how many coaches attending are Single Wing coaches, rarely is the number over 5% of the group. Of those Single wing coaches in attendance at all these clinics, only one coach had ever played against another Single Wing team.

I�ve been coaching for 15 years and only once, in 1998 did we ever play a team that ran some Single Wing. I�ve had teams in 5 different leagues, played in Bowl Games and tournaments all over the country and I’ve only seen it once, kind of like a Bigfoot sighting, very infrequent and then just a glimpse of it. I’ve seen 100’s if not 1000’s of youth football teams play and I�ve seen just one Single Wing team and this one ran just a fraction of what is in the book, no spinners, no “T” series  Spins, no wedge series etc.

While the offense is gaining in popularity, you don�t have to worry about seeing the Single Wing anytime soon at the same frequency you see the “I”, bone, veer, spread, Wing T, or even Double Wing or Straight T. Until we see lots of college and NFL teams running it on TV every week, you won’t have to worry about lots of teams in your league running the Single Wing.

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