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Keeping Youth Football Players Interested Late in the Season

As the season progresses some of the football drills become “old hat” to the players and some lose focus or interest. Most of the kids have their footbal plays down and they aren’t learning many new concepts, hence many getting into a late season “funk”.

We try and do a new fun game drills, like fireman’s-carry relay races and the like later in the season during the first 10 minutes of practice. Games like “deer hunter” and “tackle baseball” are good too to keep the fire going.

We also will add in a gadget trick play also like a mob kickoff return or put a QB under center and snap through his legs to a fullback wedge play or even Jeff Bayerals “Flap jack pass”, things like that.

Late in the season is also a good time to look to next year and cross train some of your players into positions thay may be playing the following footbal season.

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