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Last Football Practice Before First Game

Thursday entry week 4:

Last practice before our first game.

We got into team right away after the defensive linemen and bearcrawlers worked on recognizing the pass.

The offensive backs meanwhile for 20 minutes did nothing but 16 Power and the base adjustments on it, cross, tunnel, no, etc

We got into team and ran offensive football plays on air for 40 minutes with our no huddle wrist bands for the entire team. We subbed sparingly and ran all the plays we plan on running inthe game. We had players holding dummies at the POA for the last 15 minutes.

We did team defense on air with cones set up as offense. We set the defense up against base double tights, twins, trips and double slots. We went though all our stunts, claw, razor, gunner, cross etc We did all our subbing on offense, defense and special teams, practiced it a bunch for about 30 minutes.

Kickoff and kick return practiced for about 20 minutes. Drilled lots of onside kicks to the return team and put in our base return. Kickof team looked good, our kicker is very accurate, have both onside kicks in.

Did about 5 minutes on our extra point team, we are at about 70% on these, put defense accross and just had em yell and jump up and down.

Last 10 minutes just had all the teams go on and off the field, offense, defense, kick return kick team, field goal team etc. Practiced subbing a bunch. Replaced one player that just couldnt remember to come out for return team, we will give him anothe chance next week, gotta love youth football and football coaching. Reviewed with the Field Goal team and Kickoff team that they should be ready when we get down to the other teams 20 yard line or they see a breakaway. No celebrating just get in there and get lined up.

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