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Layered Handoffs

The Straight “T” is making a comeback in many places including Michigan where is has set numerous state scoring records. Teams running the “T” have won many State High School Championships there in the last 5 years. The ball fakes they use are just incredible and the backfield action looks almost as deceptive as the Single Wing.

While I have never run the straight “T” as a youth football coach, I have studied it extensively. It is my understanding that all straight “T” teams require their running backs to carry their fakes out for a minimum of 20 yards, that is something we can all learn from. Coaching should be a continuous learning process, if a technique works and can be integrated into your system, why not? Part of the deception the “T” teams do in their offense seems to be the layered handoff.

According to the clips below, the “pocket” is made by clamping the arms down against the chest. It is my understanding that the ball carrier is not allowed to come out of that grip to a one handed grip until he is in the open field. Meanwhile all the other ball fakers are faking using this arm placement method. It is very difficult to pick out which ballcarrier has the football even to the trained eye.

Coach Kennedy in Florida has even incorporated this handoff method into my Single Wing Offense he uses with his youth football team, with incredible results. I think it is part of his permanent playbook and uses this method with all the plays he runs.

Again, I have not run this and do not have the personal experiences that a “T” coach would have. To get the best view and learn for yourself here are some great football coaching clips and demos of the technique:


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