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Leading Rushers by Position in the Single Wing

Every youth football team has it’s own unique set of players each year. So each year the leading rushers by position may vary a bit based on the unique identity of that team. The Single Wing Offense allows you to call plays based on the strengths of that mix, therefore the leading rusher is not always who you think it may be. Look at the differences from year to year, a testament to the flexibilty of the Single Wing Offense.

One season we may feature one position over another and call the football plays accordingly, again depending on the makeup of the team.

Here are the leading rushers by position for my last 6 teams:

FB= Fullback
TB= Tailback
BB= Blocking Back
WB= Wingback

Each year and from first to last the top rushers on our team:

2002: FB,WB, BB, TB
2003 Selects: FB,TB, BB, WB
2003 League: TB, FB, WB, BB
2004: TB, FB,WB, BB
2005: TB, BB, WB, FB
2006: TB, WB/BB, FB

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