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Making Adjustments In Youth Football Games

Making adjustments in youth football games is much easier than most people think.
I rarely make adjustments on the fly, they are pre-set adjustments based on a set way we respond to certain defensive or offensive strategies.

We all have a set of football plays we know we are going to run. We also know how defenses are going to respond to these plays typically. We also over time have seen a variety of specific tactics or schemes that a team will use to try and stop those particular football plays we like to run.

For the base play we have at least 5 different “adjustments” we will practice on as the season progresses. Each “adjustment” has a specific name just like our football plays have names. So instead of saying Johnnie on xyz play I want you to block #22 from now on, we just call our “abc” adjustment. In other words we already have our counter move planned and practiced for just this occaison. The adjustments are simple and easy to execute in most cases.

The book not only has allour football plays, but all our most used adjustments in chapter 9. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Tom Osborne to figure out how to use them and when, it’s all there a grand total of just 5. Many games we use zero adjustmets and in some we use 1 or 2 of the most common adjustments. Most youth football defenses will go back to their base defense once you counter the move that they have made.

Once you make a good counter move the other team often loses confidence in their ability to stop your offense and start second guessing their reads or strategies. It is practice time well spent.

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