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Making The Game Day Special in Youth Football

We strive to make the game day a special time for the youth football player.

Some reasons we do:

1) It gives the players sense of accomplishment for consistently meeting the committment to attend football practice.
2) Helps in retention of players for following seasons.
3) Excellent recruiting tool.
4) Gets more parents and friends to attend games and support their children.
5) Can give a competitive advantage to your team.

Try to use some of the following tactics to make the game day “special”:

1) Lots of Signage on the fences surrounding the park and the field, especially at the entrance areas.
2) Do a sign “contest” by awarding a game jersey or team gear to the player, parent or cheerleader that makes the best sign.
3) Give donors above a certain dollar amount a 3’x5′ Sign with your team name on it like:

Screaming Eagle Football Thanks
for it’s Generous Support

4) Play inspirational music over the loudspeaker or even stereo system between games and halves.
5) Have someone announce the game over the loudspeaker system or rent a PA system and do the same.
6) Have a paper banner break run through before the game starts.
7) Play the National Anthem over the loundspeakers before the game.
8) Championship Banners on display from every season.

You can really go overboard on this one and some do. You don’t want to get the kids so wound up that it’s a distraction, there is a fine line and can be crossed easily. We limit what we do to these type of activities.

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