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Making Your BB Trap Work Better

This is one of the best plays in youth Single Wing Playbook. The youth football coaches that commit to this play and run it often have great success with it. Don S in Maryland claims this is one of his best, if not best play.

Here are a few key coaching points if you are having problems with this great football play:

The first question should be who is stopping your BB trap play? If it is the strongside DT then your Center is not blocking MOMA (man on man away) or if your RT isn’t closing down hard enough to take the space of the pulling RG, have him crab block.

If the player stopping the play is the DT on the weakside, the DT may be sitting in the hole and not coming upfield. He may be being blocked by your LE, which is a no-no, we are trapping that player and the LE needs to block the LB. In the case of the non penetrating DT, the BB trap is not a good play to run, the play works best versus a hard charging DT on that side.

If the DT is coming upfield and making the tackle that means your BB didn’t wait for the RG trap block to take place, the BB has to sit for a count to allow the RG to make the block, it is almost like a draw play. A common problem is the BB getting too anxious and getting out in front of the trap block, the BB has to stay low and be patient.

If the weakside LB is making the tackle, then your LE failed to release downfield to block him. You may also have not run your 16 power enough yet, as both LBs should be flowing to that side and to that backfield action. If the weakside DE or CB is making the tackle then your BB is not running inside the trap block or they are playing way too tight and a 47 sweep or “mouse pass” should be huge plays for your team.

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