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Monday Football Pratice Week 5

We are now down to 2 days a week practice, 2 hours per practice.
Here is the Monday Entry:

Had our practice after our first League game.

Watched the film on Sunday and we needed work in a number of areas:

Our backup TBs need to get crisper at running the football plays. We need a solid backup at RE as our RE is our backup TB and my backup RE was out because of a mom disciplinary thing ( I support it). Our subs at BearCrawler need to get in and out quicker. We need work on our “no play” we jumped it twice on Sunday. Our DBs need to make sure and get deeper on the pass, the other team did not complete any, but had us by a step or two twice. Need a solid DE backup. We did a poor job of pass recogntion with our DL. We need at least another solid backup defensive corner. Our starting TB and starting corner was out with asthma problem midway into second quarter and out for the rest of game. Our onside kicks need work we were only close on 1. On a positive note, the 16 power looked strong, good double teams, 43 reverse was nice and our wedge was nice about 8 out of 10. The other team dived it, we stopped wedging, we went outside they stopped diving, we went back to the wedge. We ran 2 sweeps it was there for the taking all day got 25 yards and 10 on them. Trap got stuffed by 200 lb kid #00, we didnt run it again LOL.

We did the following: DB practiced DB drills for 30 minutes, DE were with DE coach for 30 minutes along with a new player ( starting corner), DL worked with me on swim and fit and freeze tackling and pass recognition, BCs worked on squeezing through, form tackling and pass recognition. We did about 20 minutes of open field takling with the DEs, DBs, LBs while the line worked on wedge and our first two steps, spent a bunch of time with subs. Got may backup WB trained with GOD and wedge blocking so he can play RE next week. He picked it up pretty well.

Went to team defense walk thoughs for about 10 minutes then team defense against skeleton offense of me at QB and 3 dads as backs. Repped sweep, power, boot, reverse, playaction pass, sweep pass. The dad youth football coaches that are helpers are doing a nice job. Subbed the backups in after about 10 minutes then every play. Did the whole thing for about 20 minutes.

Spent last 30 minutes on team offense. Just did the base 6 football plays with the first team subbed sparingly with exception of TB where our top guy is out and the other 2 swtiched about every play. got to go over the off tackle adjustments and worked the full spin and 1/2 spin or “mouse” series. They looked pretty good by end of practice. The new guys are stepping up and doing a nice job of football coaching.

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