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Mouthpieces for Youth Football Players

Mouthpieces are a requirement for playing youth football. In most leagues it is a 15 yard penalty if the player is not wearing his mouthguard.

Why is the mouthguard so important and what kind of mouthguard should your players wear?

Mouthguards are needed by the Youth Football Player because:

1) It helps prevent against chipped and losened teeth.
2) Some experts feel it lessens the incidence and severity of concussions.
3) It helps protect from injuring the interior tissues of the players mouth and even gums.
4) It helps prevent the incidence of the players biting their tounges.

We require our football players to have the type of mouthguard that attatches to the youth football players helmet via a small strap because:

1) We can tell if the player is wearing it or not, with the strapless mouthguards, we can’t tell. It is a safety issue we can better help the player with if we can easily see if he has his mouthguard in or not.
2) Thes moutguards with straps are much harder to lose than the strapless mouthguards. Nothing is worse than a player with no mouthpiece in a game, he simply is not allowed to play without one.
3) The strapless mouthguard is appreciated by the refs because they can more easily see who has their mouthgiard in and who doesn’t. We want to make the refs job as easy as possible.

Other points:

If your player wears braces, he will most likely need a special mouthguard that has more space in it. Here is one supplier of that type of mouthguard: //www.weplay.com/Shock-Doctor/braces/

As we line our kickoff or kickoff return players up for the kick, we ask everyone that has their mouthpiece in to raise their hand, a quick reminder. I can’t count the number of times this saved one of our players from running down the field without hs mouthpiece in.

ALWAYS carry extra mouthguards in you medical kit for players that lose theirs.

We buy our mouthguards in bulk at just .35-.50 each in boxes of 500. Consider just making it part of your uniform so everyone has the same type of mouthpiece.

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