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Playing In "Jamborees'

Many youth football coaches like to play in “Jamborees”. These are basically controlled scrimmages with a variety of teams participating. In most formats, each team gets to play multiple short scrimmages versus 2 or 3 different teams. I am a huge fan of this concept. Your team gets to experience playing against several teams of varying quality.

Do you run your base offense or do you try and “hold back” and surprise teams in real games ?

It makes little sense to hold back your base offense. Quite a few coaches try and do this and it often hurts their teams in the process. Your team needs the experience and confidence that a Jamboree will give them, something they can’t get out of a regular practice or scrimmage. If you want to keep a play in your hip pocket that’s fine, but work your powers, wedge, reverses, sweeps, sweep passes and traps, run the base plays you plan on running in your first few games.

Don’t worry about teams getting the one up on you due to seeing the offense in your Jamboree. My teams have been running this now for a long time. One very good coach I’ve faced a total of 5 times and they still can’t stop the offense and he scouts and films us too.

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