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Pulling Youth Football Linemen

sep_18_0439-cplSome coaches think pulling can not be taught to youth football players, I once thought the same before trying it for myself. This turned out to be another “myth” that was debunked by real world experience.
Many youth football teams running the Single Wing, Double Wing or Wing T, all around the country pull linemen as young as 6 years old. I personally have taught pulling successfully to kids as young as 6 years old.

With a reasonable amount of practice time and progression teaching, pulling is very easy to teach and the kids love it. For me it is easier to teach than tackling and that’s coming from someone that has never played offensive line. I was a running back in High School and College and never taught the line until 2002. Teaching pulling is very simple even for the novice coach if you follow the template in the book starting on page 218.

If you have the biggest and the most athletic team in your youth football league every year, you probably don’t need to pull, your team can dominate with one on one blocking schemes. But if you don’t have the biggest and best team, pulling lets you gain a numbers advantage at the point of attack. It makes your teams offense more powerfull and it helps make the linemens job more interesting. Lead blocking as a puller on a sweep, reverse, trap or power play is something our youth linemen will live and beg for.

Many teams have a tough time getting players to play offensive line because it’s “boring”. Your kids won’t feel that way after a pulling to a crushing blind sided trap block that springs your blocking back for a 40 yard TD. Linemen are “stars’ on Single Wing teams, they aren’t anonymous like on most youth football teams.

Pull linemen, your team will be better for it.

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