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Recruiting Youth Football Players

All youth football programs run adds to get players, that is nothing new.
Recruiting is part of the youth football coaching duties of many coaches.
There are many free and easy ways to recruit youth football players that are different and do not cost any your team or coaches any money at all:

One simple and easy way to recruit youth football players is to have your players exchange the team trophy at school. We let our kids take the team trophy home for a week. When their turn is up, they take the trophy to school and give it to the next player on the list. Of course all the kids get used to seeing your team name and team trophy around school. That’s name recognition, Marketing 101 stuff.
During the season we ask all of our players to wear their football came jerseys to school on Fridays.
After the banquet we make sure all the kids wear the team championship t-shirts to school on Monday.
All communication like this has to be done BIG and together otherwise it doesn’t work.
None of these youth football recruitment methods require any money, but they are highly effective.

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