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Recruiting Youth Football Players

There are a variety of “guerilla” marketing methods to recruit youth football players. For those that have to recruit it is an evil we must endure but not get too caught up in. It really is just part of a the role when you are coaching youth football teams.

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This week we did our recruiting flyer to the public school systems.
The flyer has a cool picture of our players on a TD run along with reasons why to play youth football for us”: No cuts, everyone plays, 16 League Titles, Sportsmanship based, academic awards etc
It is simple, to the point and doesn’t have too many words.
The public schools work with us because of the academic accountability program we have in place, That program is simple to administer and the easiest part of our youth football program to get funds for.
The academic piece is the right thing to do as a youth football coach for your players and we will hold kids out for not participating. The teachers find the kids are far more productive in the football season than the rest of the year because of the weekly accountability we enforce on our youth football teams.

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