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Single Wing Coaches Conclave

One of the finest coaches clinics in the country is held every year in March in the tiny enclave of Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania.
It is put on my a very nice guy by the name of Todd Bross. It brings in over 100 Youth, Middle School and High School coaches from all over the country that coach the Single Wing Offense. It is held over 2 days at Kings College auditorium, just a short jaunt from the Holiday In all the coaches stay at.

Unlike many football clinics, this is 100% Single Wing Football all the time. It draws coaches from California and Michigan to Florida and even draws International coaches from time to time.

Speakers include Youth Football Coaches, Middle School coaches and even High School coaching legends like Dr John Ward from North Carolina. I’ve never attended a football coaching clinic where the coaches were so open and willing to share their knowledge or so overtly friendly.

Many coaches live for the Barbeque Coach Ward brings or the homemade Brats Jeff Bayeral makes for everyone. But many more appreciate the one on one time they can pick the minds of other Single Wing coaches after the sessions are over at the adjoining TJI Fridays. The presentations are ALWAYS good.

I was fortunate enough to attend and present a topic in 2002. We learned how to run our spin series correctly at this event from a High School coach by the name of John Minteer. No book was able to describe the steps to me in a way I could make sense of and the game film we watched, no matter how much its was slowed down, we just couldn’t figure this play series down, John set me straight.

We picked up some of our blocking steps and our cadence from a presentation by Todd Bross. I learned better GOD blocking techniques from a visit with Steve Calande, you get the idea.

In addition there are just some very fine people your get to meet, like James Barg, Coach Tray and a whole host of coaches willing to share their experiences. The price is right too, less than any clinic I’ve attended and the price includes a cool Single Wing t-shirt designed by Coach Bross himself.

Please click on the clinics button of the web site for more details. As Todd gives me more info, it will be added to the site.

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