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Taking On Big Defensive Linemen.

On occaison your youth football team will have a real problem with penetration in your offensive line. Your linemen just won’t be able to take on a real stud big aggressive defensive lineman from the other team.

Every season we will play 2 or 3 teams that have a Monster player like that, that we just can’t block very well. We have been able to adjust and move the ball on this kind of team using some of the following methods:


Sometimes you may even have an entire offensive line that is overmatched. This happens from time to time, when the stars align and you get a group that is outsized and outmanned. I’ve had that kind of youth football team twice.

The first thing to do is don’t panic. Second is to maximize the effectiveness of the kids you do have. If you have a backup fullback, tailback or blocking back that can play, cross train him as an offensive lineman and start him. For those of you that have very weaker kids playing LE and LG, just teach them to crab block and create a stalemate. The crab block is the easiest block to teach and takes little athleticism, we teach all our offensive linemen how to crab block. If you see a player being dominated by another, just tell him to crab block.

In 2004 I had an all rookie 8-10 team that was very small, just 1 player over 100 pounds. We had a LG that was pretty weak and just 75 pounds, across from him was a very agile and aggressive player that weighed at least 170 pounds. Our guy was getting beaten badly and nearly every play in our opening two series went for a loss due to the efforts of this one player. After our second three and out we instructed A. M., our LG and the player accross from this monster to crab block every play with the exception of the wedge. We let A.M. know that we knew it would work and that he was going to be a big hero that game because there was no way that kid could beat his crab block. It worked like a charm.

The crab blocking drills and progressions are listed starting on page 220 of the book.

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