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The Legality of the Wedge Play

There are teams in about every state using this offense and nearly all of them use a wedge play.

Teams on occasion are accused of “assisting the runner” or “interlocking” and of course we do neither. Mostly it is just sour grapes and poor sportsmanship by excuse makers that have no idea how to come up with a descent defensive scheme or game plan.

To lessen any prospective problems with the wedge, be proactive. Talk with the referees before the game even starts. In pre-game ask the officials to come over and review your wedge play. We let them know we have been running it for 6 seasons and we do not teach the kids to interlock or push on the runners backs which are legit penalties.

Let the referees know the wedge is a big pile and quite often on that play you will have linemen falling down, so it�s a hard play to whistle dead as no one realy knows if the player falling down is the ballcarrier or a part of the pile of 20 players moving downthe field. We have played in 4 different leagues and traveled all over the state and beyond and have never had an official have a problem with our wedge play.

We have had a number of poorly informed coaches complain about it though, so be prepared for that. This football play is often so effective the opposition often gets very frustrated and desperate to try and stop it. It is a very demoralizing play and may times is just unstoppabe.

Don�t wait for the other football team to get the ear of the official, be proactive. Now all the refs know us and we rarely have to demonstrate the play.

When coaching your kids, remember that interlocking also includes grabbing the jersey of the player next to tham as well as interlocking arms. Make sure to aggressively coach your offensive linemen NOT to use those tactics.

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