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The Single Wing "Quarterback" Controversy

Some Single Wing teams get hung up on using the traditonal naming conventions for their backs. Since there is no player called “quarterback” in the traditional Single Wing naming conventions, some parents think the offense is odd or unsound.

Who cares what you call your backs? Many Single Wing purists want us to call the backs tailback, fullback, blockingback, wingbacks etc. It really doesn’t matter what you call the backs or how you number the plays or holes, as long as you and your players understand it. The play numbering system I suggest is simple and works well for us, if you have a different one that works for you, by all means use it.

If having the “one” back or tailback now being called quarterback makes your life easier, call him quarterback. Many coaches call the fullback or “two” back the quarterback, have two quarterbacks if you want or even call him running back. Some call the blocking back or “three” back the fullback, you could call him the “H” back if it makes your life easier. The Wingback or “four” back could be called a flanker. What does it matter?

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