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Thursday Practice Fall 2006

While I was gone on Monday they did mostly a defensive practice and the kids ran quite a bit, They were not paying attention as well as they should. Seems like that happens on every team Ive ever coached if I miss a day because of work.

Today we started off by talking about playing to our potrential no matter what the other team was doing. We face a few teams the next few weeks that we shuld beat fairly easliy based on comparative scores. We talked about this weeks game goals for the first half:

No first downs for the opponnent

No turnovers

Score on every single possession, execute every football play perfectly

No penalties

Get a turnover

Get one onsides kick

We talk about going from being a good team to being a very good team this week and what the defintiion of a very good team is. We talk about playing against ourselves and our goals vs playing the other team.

We started with a team tackling drill that is kind of fun, our “safe base” tackling drill. All our kids,even the real weak ones have come around pretty nice and are not fearing contact at all now.

For the offensive backs they worked on pass catching drills, the line worked our double teams and some live pulling to a roving linebacker drills. We froze the first step then went on a second whistle to make sure the footwork was good. For the offensive linemen, We worked our wedge fit for about 5 minutes and did some live crab blocking drills.

Team offense was running our plays out 20 yards subbing every single play. We looked pretty good and we want a quicker tempo during the game, we taking too long to get set up for the next football play.

We did kickoff, kick returns and field goals the last 15 minutes of practice. We are only going for 1 hour 45 minutes now. The football coaching is coming together well. good group for nearly any youth football team.

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