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Week 3 Football Practice

Here are my notes from the first part of week three of football practice in August of 2006. The first week we were without pads and are now practicing 3 nights a week for 2 hours each:

We just finished our first practice of our 3rd week of practice for my personal 8-10 year old team.

We worked primarily on defense today. After our dynamic warmups and angle form tackling of 10 minutes, the backs did about 20 minutes of open field tackling drills, while the line and bearcrawlers worked on our base charge, the defensive tackles worked on their swim move. The line then did from tackling, then we brought the drills together by either swimming them doing a “splatter tackle” in the dummy pit.

The Backs then went into a defensive skeleton and the line did the same on their own. We put in our base inside and outside stunts and blitzes with simple walk thoughs. We then put dummies at where the offense would be and repped in rapid fire, our first 5 steps of how we would run the various stunts and bltizes.

We then brought the line and backs together and did team defensive walk throughs for about 20 minutes.

We only did about 30 minutes of offense, the backs worked on the “spin series” while the line worked on fit and freeze GOD blocking review of all our base plays.

The last 10 minutes of practice we ran our plays up and down the field, 20 yards at a time with subs going in every play yelling out the name of the player they are subbing in for. Everyone ran the 20 yard, including subs, Line takes their first 2 steps and freezes unless they are pulling, on the second whistle everyone runs the 20 yards.

So far we have in 16 power, 31 trap, 16 sweep, 18 sweep pass, 22 wedge, 38 buck wedge, 43 reverse and we are pretty close on the spinner series

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