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Week 4 Football Practice After First Scrimmage

On Tuesday after the first scrimmage:

We did our first scrimmage today after 9 practices.

We played a “select” team from Inner City Lincoln, best 25 out of about 100 kids vs my little country kids whoever shows up. I didnt let our kids see em before the scrimmage, they were HUGE, 2 kids over 180 and one could really move another 3 over 140-150. I have just 2 over 100 lbs, at about 140 and 135 and my LG is 85 and LE is 75 or so, my RE is 78 and my PT is about 90. we thought it was thier 11-12 year old team.

We crab blocked a bunch, we had to, no choice. Our TB power took awhile to get going but positive yards each time and our best play? The wedge we averaged over 20 yds a carry and got 3 TDs, yep against the monsters, was pretty proud of our kids. Single Wing football at its finest

THE TB power we were running a little wider than normal will work on that. We had a sure TD on it but we ran it just a hair wide, for 12 yards instead of 30 and a TD. The WB reverse was there for a TD, our WB ran it wide right into our kickout block. Ran a bunch of “Mouse” ( TB 1/2 spin) and full spin stuff, looked pretty good. They had way too much speed for our passing game, we were 0-2 but the passes were right there.

On defense we were a bit intimidated to start the scrimmage, as my DTs were 98 and 135 LBS and bearcrawalers at 70 and 75 lbs. We let em drive it about 20 yds then got aggresive and shut em down pretty nice. Power Wishbone team on 20 plays offense and defense, driving the ball from the 50 we were 4 TD us, 0 TDS them. My backups are horrible, but we got em a few reps on defense and they didnt do too bad. On offense we subbed sparringly.

All in all a pretty successful youth football scrimmage. Our kids know they can compete with the best of them running our base Single Wing football plays and our wide tackle 6 defense.

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