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Week 4 Football Practice Entry

Here is an entry from week 4 on Monday:

My personal age 8-10 2006 team.

We have our first game this week and a Scrimmage tommorrow.

We had to do mostly team stuff to get ready for the scrimmage. After our norrmal dynamic warmups and angle form tackling the backs did about 20 minutes of open field tackling drills. The line worked on wedge and our mouse 23 power play as well as worked our first 2 steps and freeze.

We went team offense on air for 30 minutes reviewed every play, we now have the power series, wedge series and full spin series in. We have the off tackle adjustments in as well as our nasty formation, double war and our mesh formation. We also ran our mesh series, just the hitch the sweep and the BB trap. we also worked on our tailback 1/2 spin or as I calll it “mouse” series. Had just the first team in and subbed some in the last 15 minutes, subbed about 3-4 kids in from the very beginning, the kids that have it down. Backups not doing as well as we would like, lots of small new 8 year olds that are stuggling a bit with thier football plays.

At the end of the 30 minutes we went 10 minutes fit and freeze on the defense holding bags.

We did the next 30 minutes on defense. On air we did our base defense with the first team and all the stunts, claw, razor, gunner, cross etc. We then put a scout defense out there and did fit and freeze wrap on the base plays run out of an “I” formation with me playing QB< sweeps, FB dives, WB reverses, playaction passes, powers etc and plenty of bootlegs. At the end we went live for about 15 plays. Last we repped our special teams, onside kicks, they looked good. Got about 10 minutes with our kick return, we will work that a bunch on Thursday. The PAT guys stuck around on their own after I left to practice kicks, will do that on Thursday as well.

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