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Week 6 Football Practice Fall 2006

We didnt practice on Monday because of Labor Day. We cut practice to 1 hour 45 minutes now because of darkness and our kids are coming around nicely, even nearly all of the first year kids.

We have a number of things to work on this week we started with pass catching, We should have been 5-5 with 3 TDs and about 150 yds, instead we were 3-5 with 1 TD. We worked on 10 yard face to face catching above the waist, fitting the eyes on the ball at the ctach and freezeing that, on “go” the player tucks and looks ball into the tuck on next “go” he runs it to QB full speed. Our QB is taking snaps from center and we have 2 groups going, 2 centers. Next we work below the waist cathes, again with hands catching the ball away from the body, eyes fixed on ball and freezing on catch, freezing on next movement of tuck then on next movement and sound running the ball in. Next phase we set up our WB 18 sweep pass pattern with cones and have everyone run the pattern, at the LB then a hard corner at about 15 yards, We set up cones for the QB too, he has to get 5 yards deep and around the DE before he throws and on the run. Next we add three “defenders” 3 kids standing along the WBs path jumping up and down and waving arms. WB runs the pattern watches ball into hands, then into fit and sprints tthe ball back to QB. Im right at his ctahcing point, watching his eyes.

Last we go back to one offense with BB and WB but 2 centers and 2 QBs. The one to the right throws to the BB in the flat , the one to the left throws the WB corner. We have stationary waving arm defenders out there. We also worked on our mesh hitch pass with good fit by our RE and WB onthe 2 wide defenders and the right depth by our motion guy and a very strong throw by our QB. We worked our waggle pass some too, it looked very good had LE make sure and get his arm up on his pattern to draw both the corner and safety to him on his post pattern and away from our waggle.

The bearcrawlers and DT did lots of tech work and worked on pass recogniton, something we did poorly on Sunday.

We did team defense for about 30 minutes worked on our “off call” when we have a stunt called and the offense changes formations or motions. Worked on proper linebacker and corner depth and getting linebackers into the right zones on pass coverage.

Worked on our kick return game and proper ball control on onside kicks. Put in our “wall” return for Sundays game for about 20 minutes. We didnt add any new football plays or defense.

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