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Week 6 Football Practice Thursday Fall 2006

We started out a little slow today, the kids were not concentrating. I think they feel a bit overconfident. We had a little talk after angle form tackling and it improved somewhat. The assistant coaches do not require perfection the way I do and the kids do not progress unless you do.The football coaching was lacking a bit today. coaching footbal is more than just getting kids to memorize football plays.

The line worked on our wedge which continues to look very good. We are subbing some very young backups at some new line postions, as we had 5 left ends. Training one at right tackle and one at power tackle to get them more playing time. We also worked on our pass blocking with me on a shield trying to outflank each player. We were not very low on our pass blocking in the game and stayed engaged poorly. We also were not blocking until the whistle, so we incorporated a whistle into all our blocking drills. We also did some first step drills and worked on our puller spying the linebacker. We are getting to the POA with our pullers but they often arent blocking anyone.

The backs and DEs worked on openfield tackling and pass coverages.

We did team defense for about 5 minutes as we wanted one of our corners to get some reps at LB, he played there last year.

We did team offense for about 40 minutes, We ran every one of our football plays out 20 yards, with the subs behind us. We subbed everyone in and ran all the football plays on air. Goal was to run plays to the whistle, and get set quickly up for the next play and carry out perfect fakes. We were looking for perfect firss steps by our Offensive line. We continue to throw the ball very well, but we only have one player that catches the ball consistently, our BB. The single wing offers us the ability to run and throw, but wee have to be able to catch the darn ball.

We then worked 15 minutes on kickoffs and kickreturns. We wrapped things up with 5 minutes of PAT kicks.

The team offense was not as crisp as we would like the first 10 minutes, but the last 30 looked pretty tight.

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