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Week 9 Practice Fall 2006

Monday Practice:

We have started to incorporate at least 10 minutes of a brand new drill or game to each football practice at the end of Angle Form tackling. The goal is to keep things interesting. On Monday we played tackle baseball for about 15 minutes, the kids loved it. We had some problems with open field tackling and pass coverage our last game, so our backs and DEs did lots of open field tackling drills and pass coverage drills for about 35 minutes. The line worked on our tackling and our swim move and bearcrawling as well as pass recognition. We did about 20 minutes of team defense vs a “Scout Offense” of coaches and players, fit and freeze. We really grilled them on the halfback option pass, sweeps, off-tackle runs, and bootlegs. We ran all our stunts and worked some of our backups in at corner to get them reps. We did about 10 minutes of XP kicks, since they count for 2 in our league. We converted about 65-70% last year and this year we at about 40%, lots of room for improvement. Our football plays still look pretty crisp with some work still needed on catching the ball.

Thursday Practice:

We did a modified ‘Oklahoma” tackling drill with the lead blocker taking on a player with a shield and a LB waiting at a cone to attack the ballcarrier. We had cones set up as a goal that the ballcarrier had to make it to. Our tackling looked much better but was disappointed fewer of our first team backs didn’t score. This was our new “game” for the day. We were carefull to make sure matchups were reasonable, our MMP kids did a real nice, job, none shying from contact at all.

Our offensive backs worked on open field blocking, while the line again worked our first two steps and crab blocking.

We got some intel on our upcoming opponnent that is 4-0 and won every game by 30 points. We used it to do some scout offense again against our defense for about 20 minutes, fit and freeze. We went to team offense for about 25 minutes working on our alternate signaling system for when teams are yelling and we can’t hear numbers or the wind is too loud. We worked quite a bit on our screen pass and base plays out of various formations. We worked our kickoff , kickreturn and PAT kicks for about 15 minutes combined, that area looks like it’s coming together nicely. Our onside kicks have been very close the last few games and we got one 2 weeks ago. Love it when we know a little about the opponent so we can do some X and O football coaching.

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