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When The Off-Tackle Play is Being Squeezed Down

Most Single Wing teams are going to try and establish the off-tackle play. Most of them do it very well and run the play often.

At the youth level most defensive ends get frustrated at the consistent gains on the off-tackle play. Either on their own, or via instructions from their coach the DE will often start trying to squeeze the off-tackle play down and take a very shallow and aggressive path to bottle up the play.

Here are some simple methods to combat that tactic if you see it:

1) Pin the DE in with your wingback which should be a very easy block if the DE is going that shallow and then run the 18 sweep. The sweep should go for a nice gain here even if you do not have much speed.
2) Run a “G” adjustment with your RG kicking the DE out. Have your BB go wide of the DE to influence the DE outside and then kick the DE out with your RG. Since the BB will be now blocking the CB, the FB can lead through on the LB now, taking the RG’s job.
3) Use the “Nasty Tunnel” adjustment in Chapter 13 of the book to widen the DE before the play starts and confuse him with this different alignment and blocking scheme.

The off-tackle is one football play we will have a number of pre-practiced adjustments in place. Coaching youth football well means preparing for the most common tactics you will see and having counter measures in place to make your football plays work. All of our adjustments are detailed in the book and DVDs.

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