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Where Do you Put Your Best Lineman in The Single Wing Offense?

We get that coaching question quite often.

While there are a wide variety of ways to run the Single Wing offense. With our unbalanced set we are going to put our best lineman at Right Guard. For many youth football coaches they say the same thing.

Our right Guard is someone that has to be athletic and can move. He looks like your blocking back in waiting and for us can be a backup running back as well. He has to have intelligence and quickness because he does have to pull and he has to be able to help the center out on most plays.

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Here is a recent poll of youth football coaches that ran the Single Wing and were psoed the question:

Where do you place your “best Offensive Lineman” ?

2 votes (3%)
Strongside Guard
31 votes (53%)
Strongside Tackle
6 votes (10%)
Strongside Outside Tackle ( Power Tackle)
10 votes (17%)
Strongside End
4 votes (7%)
Weak Guard
4 votes (7%)
Weak End
0 votes (0%)
Weak tackle ( balanced line guys)
1 votes (2%)

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