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Where to Put Your Speed Demon in the Single Wing Offense

If you are lucky enough to get a “speedster” on your youth football team, you need to put him in the right position.

It really depends on what else you have on your team as to where the speedster goes.
If he is fast and not durable, he is your wingback.
If he is fast and durable, he is probably your tailback.

One year we really had no other descent backs but the one “burner” so I played him at fullback. The blocking back that year was too slow to play FB and the TBs were all too small and slow to carry the load at TB or be descent lead blockers at FB. That FB in 2003 had a great season and while he was not a true “power back” and was small, the wedge and spinner 26 were perfect for him. He ended up with 31 TDs that year on a team that scored 66 TDs for the season.

We did switch this player to Tailback for a few plays in each of our last 2 football games to get him outside on the 18 sweep.

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