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Working With Difficult Assistant Coaches In Youth Football

Sometimes assistant coaches can be difficult and “not on the same page” with the head coach.
Unfortunately most times it makes sense to move forward with someone else rather than trying to salvage the situation with the problem coach.

There are ways to make sure the problem never arises for your youth football team:

Most problems with assistant coaches are those coaches that come with their own agendas. This can be avoided if you take the proper steps prior to the season. If you are short coaches, just send a letter out to the kids that have signed up asking for volunteers. Put in the letter that you are looking for moral consistent men that will implement your system and methodology, that you aren’t looking for anyone to bring in an offense or defense of their own. State that the coach must pass a background check and agree to sign a coaches contract.

The coaches contract details the way your coaches will conduct themselves as you hold them to the very highest standard as to sportsmanship. We have a zero tolerance level as far as coaches go in regard to that. It also states that your system and methodology are not negotiable subjects. Show them tape of other Single Wing teams running wild with the system to get their comfort level up.

If you are a first year Single Wing team, then you probably want to show them game tape of other successful Single Wing teams running the offense, seeing is believing . Reviewing with them the reasoning behind running the Single Wing and sharing with them the success stories of teams using this around the country really works. If you get pushback from any of them, do not let them be coaches, it’s more trouble than it’s worth even if that leaves you short coaches. Nothing drains the joy of coaching more than a coach that whines, complains and creates drama for you and your team.

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