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Thanks for stopping by and viewing our blog. Our goal is to make the blog more than just a place to discuss football plays or coaching youth football. We want it to be a site where I can share with you coaching tips, answers to questions I get via e-mail by coaches using my materials and to offer your concrete ideas on how you can develop your team and program. This will include practical hands on advice as well as program development ideas and comments about youth football coaching.

I plan on first starting with last years season giving you a blow by blow of our footbal practice sessions. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how we prioritze our practice time and how we develop our teams so you can use some of the ideas to develop your own youth football teams.

Please check back daily, as we will be adding lots of content in the next 90 days.

If you have not signed the subsribtin list, please do so as this will give you access to free articles and handouts as well as invites to free webinars we will be doing in June and July.


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