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Youth Football Game 1 Results and Practice

Posted after first game:

Well the coach I thought were playing we wont play for 3 weeks, he knows his stuff, we played a different team.This guy had super size and talent galore, and didnt do much with it. They had 5 “Stripers” players over 105 lbs and they had at least 3 kids over 150 lbs. I have 2 over 100 lbs. Thier 2 backs were nice sized at about 100 each. They had a DRT at about 190 and he could move, we had to crab block him EVERY Time but wedge by my stepson who weighs a whopping 71 lbs
( doesnt weigh even enough so the riding lawnmower shuts off on him automatically). Scored on first football play of game TB off tackle then next drive on a WB reverse. Next drive we got stopped becasue of a legit clipping legit and offsides and good defense, plus my TB had some asthma problems. Next series we wedged well, they bunched and we scored on TB sweep. So we did NOT meet our goal of scoring every time we had the ball in first half. Some first half problems, had a “no play” where our kid jumped. Had a kid think it was “no play” and didnt get into he wedge and we got just 1 yard. Had only 10 out on Kickoff ( embarrasing we ran over it in pregame)

We had to stick with the basics because our rookie backups at TB do not know all the football plays yet, know just the “sainted six”. We did pretty well with full spin and some half spin stuff when we could. Our wedge was very good, they started diving so we took the sweep and off tackle, they quit diving we took the wedge. Next 2 scores were both by backup TB running power off tackle. We could not trap the big monster 190 lber, just settled for crab blocks on him. They blitzed backside corner never came close even against my 2 slow backups.

Defense played well after giving up an initial first down. Gave up 2 first downs entire game that was shortened due to “slaughter” rule 38-0. Need to work on: Fewer penalities, better knowledge of football plays by our backup tailbacks, better onside kicks( we were 0-6) . However, got 4-5 extra 2 point kicks. We were not as error free as we have been in the last 3-4 openers. Better football coaching needed on our end.

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