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Youth Football Plays Cadence- Count

Many youth football coaches waste valuable football practice time struggling to get their teams to go on various snap counts.
Then on game days they are surprised when they jump offsides the first time they try and go on two.
We don’t ever have that problem.

We always go on “go’ . Our cadence is “down ready set go”. Youth football players know what “go” means, it is simple enough.
When we see the defense jumping our snap count, we just call a “no” play. The kids are taught this the very first football practice we have. This is the first football play from our playbook they will ever learn. On the ‘ no play” on “go” they just freeze, there is no play called. Kids understand on-off. If the other team doesn’t jump which is rare , we just call timeout. In fact when we want a timeout we just call the “no play” and if we don’t get our free five yards we get our timeout.
We rarely go into our first game where we aren’t weeks ahead of our opponent just due to priorities and saving valuable practice time for the important stuff. Like running crisp football plays.

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  1. David

    We have 3 snaps – Florida, Ohio, and Vermont

    Florida is FIRST SOUND – Ready
    Ohio is – Ready Set Go
    Vermont is on 10. Yes 10. – Ready Set 123, 456, 7,8,9 10

    We literally call out the numbers. After QB calls Ready Set 123, 456, he stops looks to sideline we either call timeout or we give a thumbs up. If we give a thumbs up he slow counts 7 to ten. Half the time the defense line is taking a kneel Linebackers are out of position busy telling anyone that will listen that we are trying to get them to jump.

    It works. No procedure calls is the last 3 years.


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