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Learning From The Football Coaching Greats

I’ve had the opportunity to be on the same coaching clinic venue and meet some great football coaches like Bobby Bowden, Tyrone Willingham and Jim Tedford to name just a few. I’ve also been able to hear Tom Osborne and Lou Holtz speak a number of times in person and read their books extensively. Coaches like these are a great resource to help you focus how you approach coaching football, goal setting and managing people.

If you want an easy entertaining and enjoyable read, get the Lou Holtz autobiography “Wins Losses and Lessons”. He takes you through the coaching and personal problems he faced along the way and how he dealt with very difficult and challenging issues. Coach Holtz’s unique story telling skills and frank way of dealing with problems is an uplifting and compelling story that all coaches can learn from.
Tom Osborne wrote a very thought provoking book “More Than Winning” written after the Huskers heartbreaking loss to Miami in the National Title Game in the 1984 Orange Bowl. Coach Osborne breaks down his career and goals and how he has managed what most think are very average talent teams to national contenders. He goes to great lengths to chronicle his successes, failures and what he thinks is really important in coaching and life.

While there are many great football coaches out there and many great books, these two have helped me focus beyond the x�s, os, football plays and defense to what we should be doing which is to help build strong young men, not just strong youth football players. With Fathers Day coming up, put these on your wish list and get something that you can use to get better at coaching youth football, instead of the usual ugly tie.

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