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Practice Plans for 6 Year Olds

Practice Plans for a 6 year old tackle team will vary a bit from the daily practice plans starting on page 86 of the book.
Six year olds have very short attention spans and are a bit of a rollercoaster to teach, one minute they are chugging along getting into a drill and making great progress, the next a jet flies overhead one player gets distracted and then the whole group goes off on a tangent.

I have only coached this age group once and I did it as a last minute fill in while coaching another team the same season. I had zero time to waste and this team got less practice time than anyone in the league. It was both very challenging and very fun and the team did very well. You have to go into the task with the idea you are going to a mini movie every day and you will be entertained by the antics and comments kids this age make, a mini Art Linkleter or Bill Cosby show. If you don�t have that type of attitude and tell yourself YOU are going to have fun that day, you may be in for a very frustrating season.

Modifications to the practice plans:

No drills over 10 minutes long.
Unless you have a bonifide passer and receiver, cut out the passing drills.
Your Playbook is made up of the Sainted Six only. The 38 Buck Wedge is an easy add for these guys if they have the Six in.
Offensive Line does its first two steps drill every day for 10 minutes.
Offensive Line does its wedge fit for 10 minutes every day.
Offensive Line does lots of GOD recognition, if you have time can do this 10 minutes every day.
Get great at crab blocking. It is very simple to do but spend whatever time you need to make sure all your offensive linemen crab block well.
Have 15-20 minutes of fun team building �game time� in each practice as found on page 79 of the book. Use it as a carrot for good listening skills.
Make relay races out of as many drills as you can, like bearcrawl drills and snap progressions.
Consider going to 1:45 instead of 2 hours of practice time.
Do all tackling drills with the exception of angle form tackling in competitive 3 group or king of the hill format as described in the book.
Remember to use visual tags to add to your plays and drills to help your players remember their plays and drills.
“Power Hours” are 10 minutes long, not 30 as described in the book for these guys.
Make sure and use the “splatter” drill generously to help the kids overcome their fear of contact.
This group needs to full scrimmage a bit more to overcome their fear of contact, more meaning 30 minutes total in weeks 2,3 and 4. After that point limit it to what is in the practice plans. After the first game make sure and get back into more of the fit and freeze mode as detailed in the book.
Use coach Devos facemask tag color trick to help the kids remember their special teams duties. It is located here on the blog.

Keep your sense of humor and with the right attitude you can have these kids enjoying the game and playing very good football, don’t let anyone tell you they can’t.
By game 2-3 we looked like a real football team, ran our plays crisply, got in the right spots and subbed properly. I still remember the kids faces on this team and the laughs I had, you will gain some great memories. You got to love the kids comments, in one game that we were ahead by 30 points and won by 4 touchdowns, one of the kids asked me after the game with a big smile on his face with half of his after game chocolate treat smeared all over his face, Coach, did we win? Gotta love that!

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