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Concussions In Youth Football, Can You Recognize One?

Concussions in Youth Football

Do you know how to diagnose a concussion? Would you know what to tell a parent to do or look for?

Concussions happen to over 95,000 children each year. This is a serious injury that requires your immediate attention. A concussion is a head injury that involves damage to the tissue or blood vessels of the brain.

Here are some concussion symptoms to look for in your youth football players:

Ears Ringing
Metallic Taste in Mouth
Loss of Equilibrium
Blurry Vision
Slurred Speech
Memory Loss
Fluid Coming Out of Ears or Nose

As with any injury, handle the situation with calmness but serious urgency. If a youth football player is not responding well, if he is convulsing or his eyes have rolled back in his head, call 911 immediately. For other injuries apply ice to the head and neck area and have mom and dad take him to the emergency room. It is better safe than sorry with injuries of this type.

Sometimes the symptoms of a concussion do not manifest themselves until days or even weeks later. Delayed symptoms include the above as well as; changing sleeping patterns, irritability and depression. Make sure to keep an eye on players that have sustained a big hit for the weeks following.

Once a player sustains a concussion, he is in greater danger of getting concussions in the future. There are some instances of players sustaining serious permanent injuries and have even died because they came back too early from a concussion injury. If a youth football player of mine sustained a concussion, I would not allow him to return to play that season. Youth football is a great game, but not worth risking someones life over, football isn�t life, life is life and a young football player has a lot of living to do.

When coaching youth football, these are situations we don�t like to think about, but a good coach is prepared for.

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