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Getting a Late Start With Your Team- Don't Panic

The Time Required To Pick up My System For New Coaches:

This is the time of year we get many panicked phone calls from coaches that for whatever reason at the last minute have found out they are going to be head coaching a youth football team for the first time.

Some of the stories are quite outrageous; from guys that have to coach otherwise there would be no team (no one volunteered) to guys that were originally voted down as head coaches then some type of scandal ensues and they get promoted to head coach. The common denominator is these poor guys have little to no lead time in preparing to coach their teams. With the high turnover we see in youth football coaching, this is a very common problem. You aren’t alone.

Most of these guys are asking themselves, “Now what do I do?”. They want to do their best, not look foolish and not shortchange the kids.

I�m always getting the question: I just found out I�m head coaching, do I have enough time to educate myself well enough on your system to be effective at teaching it to kids at this late date? My answer is an astounding yes, with a caveat.

All of my materials are written without using technical football jargon like “B” Gaps, 3 technique, 6 technique etc. There is no football dictionary or background prerequisite required, it is written in simple to understand language. Everything we teach is broken down into very simple steps or progressions and we tell you how much, in what order and how often, via pictures, diagrams and even detailed daily practice plans.

These techniques are easy to read and understand and come with plenty of great pictures and in the DVDs, simple to understand white board instruction and good practice and game footage clips. I hear from a lot of youth coaches that buy my book that they read the entire 266 pages, the day they get it in the mail. Now it may help that there are lots of diagrams, plays and pictures, but I think most are anxiously awaiting the books arrival and it’s an easy read. As to the DVDs, it’s just taking the time to get away from everythng, go down into the basement and watch them. One viewing is all that’s needed for most. If we can teach 6 year olds how to run this stuff, teaching a motivated adult to coach it is a breeze.

For the offense; the blocking techniques, rules and the base series the “Sainted Six” are things coaches have called me about mid season and they implemented them for their playoffs. All the coaching tricks we use from warm-ups to player evaluations, practice organization tricks, drills and even some of the game day management techniques and tricks require zero prep time. Most of these drills and techniques can be used independent of implementing my entire system. In fact, there are probably 10 things you can use to significantly improve your team in the first 5 minutes of reading the book or watching the Practice Organization or Game Day Management DVDs. Remember, I wrote this program so my 70 coaches of which 35 were new every year could be successful coaches with little prep time. My guys got the materials the week before our first practice and most did very well with just 1 week of prep time.

The ideal scenario is to buy the program in May or June, study it and be the consummate Single Wing Youth Coach come August. But you can still absorb and teach the system with less than a week of prep time. The caveat: if you closely follow the practice plans and eliminate all unnecessary non-football stuff from your practices as detailed in the book and daily practice plans, you can succeed. Follow the tips to eliminate all wasted practice time and follow the implementation schedule to a “T”. Some of the game day nuances and adjustments may take a bit longer to pick up, but for 90% of youth coaches out there, what you need to be an effective coach you can pick up in a week.

We have had groups of all first time coaches do very well with the system right out of the box and one of my best coaches ever, Richard Marian never even played the game or coached football before starting with us. So don�t fret if you don’t have a coaching pedigree.

If I was suddenly given a youth coaching job and had not prepared for the season and was looking for a system that would help my kids compete and a method to bring together a coaching staff and team, the simplest way to do it would be copy what other successful teams have done. That’s what my program is, exactly what my personal teams do and have done successfully for the last 6 seasons.

Will you get better as the season progresses? Sure.
Will you be a better coach next season if you bought the program in August? Sure
Can you successfully put in the base offense, defense and special teams with limited football coaching knowledge if bought in August? Absolutely.

I apologize if this appears like a commercial but with a horde of coaches asking the same question this week, I�m sure many others have that same question. Subsequent posts are tips you can use, not commercials.

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